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| Service request method

The request is processed through the contact or service request form and sending the costs

If you have a different idea that is not available to us and you want to discuss it with us, we are pleased with that and it will be discussed via the Google meet or zoom meetings application

| Hosting and servers

It is possible to start with the lowest hosting plans and work your site on it, but it will not work as efficiently as expected, as the expected number of visitors and the amount of content uploaded to your website must be calculated, for example, electronic stores may notice some delays in page navigation or management, but you can upgrade to a better plan or to a cloud server depending on the growth of the site at any time you want.

No, the account is held by the customer from the first creation, whether through the customer or through us, and all data is the property of the customer and delivered immediately

The new creation will be immediate, and if there is a process of migrating sites from the client to the host, it usually takes from a day to a week

  • MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin access
  • Programming languages: CGI, Fast CGI, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSI
  • Programming modules: Curl, CPAN, GD Library and Image Magic
  • System management: scheduling of cron jobs

Currently, Hostinger is covered by commercial domains and domains and for Saudi domains with the authorized registrar d-net


| Sites and applications

Most likely, yes, and you can reach the result of 90 % of the implementation of your idea with this wonderful platform, it is a flexible and reliable platform without worries, it is considered the best platform for making websites, electronic stores and news blogs, and they can be combined with one site !

Yes, it is possible to make an application of both types and integrated with the platform, and there are companies that support these applications at the lowest possible price and work side by side with the WordPress platform

The best platform so far in terms of stability, as it is supported by the company producing this system, where it enjoys updates without uploading files, all you have to do is press the update button and he takes care of it. The Automatic Updates option can be activated

Dealing is very flexible, the platform is in Arabic, and it can be managed without previous experience, and there are many explanations for it through websites or YouTube

| Business identities

When creating an organization or company, you need a business identity that expresses and enhances your activity , we have a team specialized in building identity and everything you need in your business

Depends on the client’s requests, and then inform him of the duration of the work in which his request is completed.

We have nothing to guarantee the preservation of the trademark rights, except by documenting them through the client with the Ministry of Commerce, but we, in turn, do not enable customers to take trademarks through us

| E-Marketing

The processing of your application will be in stages starting from the design of the advertising banner or video and choosing the platform from which the advertising campaign is launched

Through a special panel for the client for each platform where he advertises, he can view the reports and the extent of the campaign’s success and improve it

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