By subscribing to one of our services, you are considered a total consent and you must comply with all the terms and laws
No service from our service is provided only after paying the amount in parts, namely the establishment of hosting, then 70% to build the site and services, and the rest after confirming the site’s work for amounts exceeding SR 3500 or paying the full amount for the client’s hosting, in case of full payment, the time will be shortened to complete the work before the scheduled and agreed period.
Skyweb is not an organization with a commercial register and it was written off as indicated on the page about the organization for economic reasons.the organization’s personnel work with freelance documents approved by the platform that supports freelancing. these terms apply to this contract and are attached to the payment invoice when these items are issued in full.
Skyweb is represented by individuals known to us in advance and you are provided with all the necessary information and documents that guarantee the right of customers linked to the contract for which the site owner is responsible and attached to an electronic invoice specifying the required services with the data of the service outlet and through this site that provides the service described on the Contact Us page with our official numbers and announced on that case of doubt and suspicion from people claiming a relationship with us, please inform us and do not deal with them.

General conditions

In the event of a service request from our service and a delay in depositing the amount, the request is considered invalid after three days from the date of the request
The programs that provide the client with well-known and open source programs for developers and also supported by updates by the companies that own them, and with continuity in their presence on the web, they do not need to meet the client because their idea is clear and their purpose is customized in advance, and any technician can be hired from anywhere in the world to add development or customize these programs in case he wishes to deal instead of us.
If the client does not have the slightest idea about the programs or hosting, he can ask us or help a specialist or go to the help page of our website
In case of late payment of remaining dues, we have the right to temporarily suspend the service until the due payment is made
The prices are based on the cost of the work required by the client’s project and the services that he adds during the construction of the site or project
Unfortunately, “Skyweb” does not provide any free services at all or for a non-material fee
We do not provide any of the requested services or support, except for the applicant and his data registered with us.
Paid domains cannot be refunded
You can only refund the value of the space without giving any reasons, within 30 days from the date of request.
Our provided services cannot be refunded any money after 14 days unless it is not implemented or does not fit into the accepted principles or was rejected by US or by the authorized individual
Dealing with the client according to the nomination of an individual with a freelance work document and was introduced to the client by us through the client’s contact numbers and emails of the site as found on the Contact Us page.
Subscription renewals for space and scope are annual and for services provided by us you pay only once
After the end of the period (30) days from the receipt of your work, you can request any modification, but for a fee
After the end of the six-month warranty, you can request paid technical support regarding your site or the service provided to you by US
We do not make completely similar sites for other clients because it is a private right guaranteed to them and we refuse requests of this kind, whether by copying the design or content, or the idea if it is private and not public
Ready-made sites are delivered as they areasthe client has seen all their options and specifications, and in case of requesting an amendment to the design or adding options, an independent cost will be calculated


The customer should explain the request and how to submit it in advance before starting and proceeding with the work and calculate the cost if it is not included in the invoice or quotation sent
In case there are requests that have not been explained in advance, the client is informed that he has to calculate a new cost and has the right to refuse to start work and refund the service amount
In the event that it is not possible to provide a service to the client for the reason of its cost or not accomplishingreasons of software incompatibility with some of them, we have the right to apologize for continuing the work and return the amount for the service that was not completed.we do not provide any compensation as long as the work is ongoing within the agreed time period and the client will be notified before the expiration of the period to be able to complete his project or work in the way he deems appropriate for him.
We are not obliged to fill in or enter the customer’s content or data, and if requested, an independent cost will be calculated for him, an agreement will be made and the customer understands the expected cost.
Any tampering by the customer that may occur on his part on the service, and due to his lack of knowledge or familiarity with it technically, will not be repaired except with a physical file.
Any requests that show that the customer does not understand the product or service will be notified of their execution or not, and therefore he decides to complete the work or reject it.
The customer has to manage his site and in case he does not know it, he has to agree with a competent technical person and manage his site on his behalf.
Customers should understand the method of the program or the siteas much as possible, as it is characterized by the presence of an Arabic language that helps to do this.
Assistance in understanding the content will be provided only in general, otherwise the client should go to the technical support forums and articles of the program on which it is defined, they are mostly WordPress
We are not required to renew any subscriptions related to add-ons or templates paid by the client and he must create his own account in order to renew through it.
When ordering WordPress programming through a third party, we provide assistance in finding a solution for those requests that he wishes, but we do not assume any responsibility for the quality of the work provided by that party, and we do not assume any financial responsibility or an agreement concluded between the client and the provider of that service, and therefore he requests guarantees from him that guarantee his right in the way he deems appropriate.
Transactions are based on mutual respect and any abuse by the client we have the right to cancel this transaction while ensuring the rights of both parties
The customer has no right to offend us or harm us because he does not know or is ignorant of the service provided to him or for other reasons, and he must resort to the competent authorities and resolve disputes by legal means, otherwise he will be responsible for any damage that may be caused to us as a result of these actions before the competent authorities

Our commitment to customers

When subscribing to one of our services, a contract is made that will be sent by mail in case of request, so note can get the service details by filling out the form dedicated to requesting services automatically.
We do not use your data registered with us, such as email or phone, for promotional purposes
We are committed to performing the service immediately and immediately after payment of the amount and according to the time required for the agreed termination period
The customer has the right to request any amendments after the delivery of the order no later than 30 days
The customer also has the right to repair any defect he discovers within a whole year, provided that the work is not tampered with.
We are committed to preserving the rights of the client’s idea, whatever it may be
We are committed to ensuring the service and technical support provided to the customer, which is a six-month period and includes any software errors detected as a feature that did not work correctly for the first time only.
The customer has the right to request and transfer his private data wherever he wants and at any time
In case of requesting account independence from Skyweb, the client can use technical support by hosting (demo fund) around the clock 24/7
The customer can get a full copy of his website 30 days before the hosting is closed in case he does not want to continue or renew his subscription. Notifying him through possible means and informing him of the renewal date
The client can communicate with us through the means of communication available on the site, and please take into account the contact times with us as indicated on the page about our organization, where we have a presence at certain times within the working days listed on this page
We provide assistance to the client within the limits of the service provided to him and agreed upon and as stated in the service invoice
We provide paid technical support in the event of the expiration of your warranty period, including site updates and performance improvement

Disclaimer of liability 

Skyweb is not responsible forthe wrong data entered by the client
Skyweb is not responsible for the type of content that the customer provides through it personally after the delivery of the site and assumes all its responsibilities and liabilities, as we do not provide or assist in this and completely and explicitly reject and we are against those contents and practices that incite religion, politics, hatred, publishing porn, selling contraband or any uses contrary to local and international laws.we keep the entered personal data of the customer indefinitely in anticipation of any legal action that may be requested from us.
All customer sites that have been programmed or designed are under their pure management.we have nothing to do with their operation, management, or the management of their customers. by extension, the owners of the sites and their owners are fully responsible for them.
Any tampering of the client with the work done by US will cancel the warranty and will calculate the cost of repairing what has been tampered with
We do not tolerate any actions regarding the closure of the site by the host due to malicious programs and applications submitted by the client
Dealing via the website form and private official email بالموقع just. And the numbers listed on the Contact Us page or through this official number 0551019920 only
We are not responsible for the client’s passwords after the delivery of the work in case they are lost by him personally
We do not keep the client’s files and passwords and he must keep them in a safe place
The client must change all his passwords immediately after the delivery of the work.
We are not responsible for any contracts concluded outside the framework of our site and not sent via our mail الرسمي or through our official number 0551019920
The customer must keep the service invoices and submit them in case of a problem during the warranty period.
The client should choose a good host that supports the WordPress program and its extensions in order to avoid these problems and to ensure the quality of work, and not bear any responsibility for its failure or loss of work because of them, and the client can choose a technical person to protect his work in his own way
The customer must update his website and accessories, and he must take a backup copy before any upgrade or update
We do not take responsibility for poor protection by customer-specific hosting or its downtime
We cannot afford the loss or closure of the client’s website due to non-payment of periodic amounts and we cannot provide a copy of his site after closure and he must notify us in advance to provide this copy in case he does not want to continue for at least 30 days
We do not tolerate any practices that may be issued by a host chosen by the client and has nothing to do with us or a recommendation from us, and by this we mean the closure or loss of its site or for any reason whatsoever by that host, and the client should review them and find out the terms and conditions of that service
In the worst case, Skyweb and through our partner ( demo VNF hosting services provider ) are not responsible for the cost and effort of the customer’s input due to the consequences of server failure or hosting on the one hand, a complete loss of its work, due to environmental disasters or fires that lead to damage to hosting and servers or bankruptcy of the company and stop providing its services completely, and in anticipation of this, the amounts will be refunded according to the remainder of the subscription period, provided that the customer’s account is included in our account with the hosting and servers provider ( demo VNF ) he took a backup copy and put it on his own device or cloud data storage in anticipation of such circumstances that may be beyond our control.
Development rights
When your site retains the development rights by us, we will provide you with better services in the future
You are not obliged to keep it and our services provided to you will be the best
You can remove them at any time and you can warn us in advance not to put them as you like
We are happy to leave the development rights on your site and this reflects the presence of our works and our evaluation by your visitors