We support and provide several different layers for free for all shared hosting plans or managed servers. We start by analyzing the incoming communications of the site through the first layer to detect the early intrusion, and then rely on the second layer on the systems of detecting malicious files in case the hacker succeeds in overcoming the first layer , Will face the layer of protection and insulation as a third layer of protection to prevent all possible damage in the event of skip the first and second layers. There are also many different layers that work behind the three basic layers.

| Additional features

  • Storage as you need
  • Unlimited programs
  • Unlimited databases
  • Free CDN service
  • Free security certificates
  • Free DDOS protection
  • Cpanel
  • Free backup
  • Server monitoring
  • Control php
  • Execution of cron
  • IP groups blocking


  • RAM 750 MB
  • CPU 1500 MHZ
  • Domains Unlimited
  • VRAM 3072 MB
  • Space and traffic Unlimited
  • eMail Unlimited
  • Inodes 200000
  • connections150


  • RAM 1200 MB
  • CPU 2000 MHZ
  • DomainsUnlimited
  • VRAM 4096 MB
  • Space and traffic Unlimited
  • eMail Unlimited
  • Inodes 300000
  • connections 200


  • RAM 1600 MB
  • CPU 2400 MHZ
  • Domains Unlimited
  • VRAM 5120 MB
  • Space and traffic Unlimited
  • eMail Unlimited
  • Inodes 400000
  • connections 250
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