We provide some options and solutions for personal sites, companies, commercial institutions, news and blogging that are compatible and integrated with modern technologies and help you according to your actual needs according to standard standards that enable you to launch your project at lower costs with flexible, tested and proven open source platforms in the market.

| An alternative solution to start your electronic project at the lowest costs

WordPress in addition to being the most widely used platform for creating a website, it has a wide range of add-ons and components that are easily installed while creating your website, giving you almost unlimited options in customization.

The WordPress platform accounts for 30% of the websites in the world, multi-tasking and supported by endless plugins and templates.. We offer you simplified solutions with WordPress that do not need to create a program again, with a distinctive professional template that can be configured. You can create a customized site according to your idea in a very large proportion Up to 90%.. WordPress-supported sites are easy to improve their appearance on search engines, modifying template files is easy and requires only a simple knowledge of HTML and a bit of PHP. International sites that use WordPress, click here

Some of our work on the introductory sites

Some of our work in the introductory sites WordPress system was developed using the programming language PHP and the MySQL database management system, which is the most popular binary in the world of web software. Millions of developers are proficient in PHP/MySQL, and this is what works in the interest of WordPress, as you will not search much to get the services of a professional WordPress developer to interfere with your site at a certain point.

  • Content management software
  • Help software
  • improvement programs
  • AutoArchive
  • Flexible customization
  • API support
  • multilingual
  • Responsiveness to browsers
  • Automatic updates
  • Integration with applications
  • simple control panel
  • Page design

| Extra features

Website creation details

Basic options

Installing WordPress and adjusting the host settings to match the correct operating requirements of WordPress, installing the most important plugins, the standard editor and the WordPress performance improvement plugins

Additional and paid options

  • SEO services
  • Custom Templates
  • Additional language
  • simple logo
  • Add an internal blog
  • Add an online store feature
  •  Portfolio
features of the template
  • RTL support
  • Text editor support
  • Integrated and independent mold control panel
  • A basic page builder that can be disabled and used for something else
  • Multi-use store or introductory or blogging or educational
  • Diverse head area
  • Responsive screens with customizable layout for each screen
  • Hide sections or contents for certain screens
  • Using backgrounds for a variety of areas with the template
  • Support for video backgrounds
  • Raise custom fonts
  • photo effects
  • 3 areas for footer + free area for special design
  • Define columns for the footer for default use
  • Hide the footer area
  • rights area
  • Support for most popular media players
  • Photo Gallery
  • Lightbox
  • photo strip
  • Locking and opening tape with its internal contents
  • Warning boxes
  • Control the shape and color of the buttons
  • price boxes
  • Google Maps support
  • Side boxes for specific pages
  • Mega List
  • Use format codes
  • extra son template
  • Versatile and integrated with the most popular brands
  • Tracking code areas
  • Controlling the page’s appearance is far from the template options
  • Support for custom forms
  • Language plug-in support
  • Full support for short codes
  • Template backup
  • Configure left and right columns for side boxes
  • search page control
  • Custom search page menu
  • Custom menu for mobile menu
  • Address bar control
  • landing page bar
Corporate sites
Electronic stores
Private projects
Smart applications